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Rare gas purification system specialists

Suppliers of Heated Getter Gas Purifiers for rare gases including: argon, helium, neon, xenon and krypton. Sircal’s rare gas purification instruments offer a world-wide reputation for reliability and technical excellence.

30 years of commitment to providing cost effective & reliable rare gas purification solutions


Rare Gas Purifier Model MP-2000

Introduced in the year 2000 and now further improved with a new microcontroller circuit with lcd display and optional pressure sensor (from March 2009). The MP-2000 is designed to deliver purified argon, helium or other rare gas at the point of use.  The purifier of choice for arc/spark optical emission spectroscopy where a flow of purified argon is required. Thousands of these purifiers are in use in over 50 countries.


PD-2012 Portable Rare Gas Dryer

The cost effective and compact portable system for removing moisture and carbon dioxide in rare gases. No purging or any system preparation required. Just connect PD-2012 with the input gas and downstream instrument at the point of use, you are up and running instantly.

gas dryer machine

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